IPO Subscription Status Live from BSE and NSE 2021


If you are aware of IPO and the terms used with respect to it in general, you must have heard about IPO Subscription Status. IPO Subscription is the number of times an IPO is subscribed at the exchanges BSE and NSE. The investors can place the bid for IPO shares with any of the two exchanges. Both BSE and NSE provide live IPO subscription status on their website for the bids received by them.

The IPO subscription data gives an idea about how the upcoming IPO is going to list/open on the exchanges. We regularly update all the details related to Live IPO subscription Status for all the ongoing IPOs.

IPO Subscription Status Live 2021

(Qualified Institutional Buyer)
(Non-Institutional Investors)
Retail Investors TOTAL
AGS Transact (ONGOING)
2.68 25.61 3.08 7.79
Adani Wilmar
0.30 0.54 0.96 0.57
Supriya Lifescience (CLOSED) 31.83 161.22 55.98 71.51
HP Adhesives (CLOSED)
1.82 19.04 81.24 20.96
Shriram Properties (CLOSED) 1.85 4.82 12.72 4.6
Brandbuket (CLOSED) 2.15 1.01 1.58
Wherrelz IT (CLOSED) 1.65 2.86 2.25
Clara Industries (CLOSED) 1.51 1.55 1.53
Vivo Collaboration (CLOSED) 292.86 273.08 282.97

So now there are two terms related to an IPO Subscription.

  • Over-subscribed
  • Under-subscribed

A privately held company raises fund and get listed at stock exchanges by offering its shares through an IPO. Then the Company that is going public receives bids from investors for shares offered through IPO.

IPO Subscription Status

Whenever an IPO receives a bid that is more than the number of shares on offer, the IPO is said to be over-subscribed.

Whenever an IPO receives a bid that is less than the number of shares on offer, the IPO is said to be under-subscribed.

The subscription depends on various factors like market sentiment, investor’s demand, Company’s growth and valuation, and many other factors.

The IPO Grey Market Premium too depends on the IPO subscription details.

The category of Investors who subscribe or apply for an IPO

  • Qualified Institutional Bidders (QIB)
  • Non-Institutional Investors (NII)
  • Retail Individual Investors (RII)
  • Employees
  • Others (Share Holders)