The Latest NSE IPO news is here as the IPO-Bound exchange has posted its quarterly result for the fiscal year 2022. IPO-bound NSE reports record profit in Q3 for FY22 ahead of its IPO, reporting a record profit growth and revenues. the National Stock Exchange (NSE) net profit jumped by more than five times on a consolidated basis in the December (2021) quarter to ₹1,348 crores compared to ₹208 crores reported during the same quarter in the previous year, 2020.

In the December quarter, NSE’s net profit jumped by over five times to ₹1,348 crore, and revenue doubled to ₹2,367 crore.  NSE’s consolidated net profit for nine months (till December 2021) of the current financial year stood at ₹3,618 crore compared to the last ₹3,600 crore in the previous year


NSE IPO Results

A nine-month consolidated net revenue of ₹6,084 crores is what NSE reported for the current FY ended December 2021. For the December 2021 quarter, NSE’s revenues doubled to ₹2,367 crores from ₹1,411 crores reported for the same period, 2020.

For the December 2021 quarter, NSE’s earnings per share (EPS) stood at ₹27.25 on a consolidated basis compared to ₹4.22 during the same quarter for the year 2020. Its nine-month earnings per share for the current financial year stood at ₹73, which is way higher than the last full financial year’s EPS. The NSE has revealed that it had earned ₹1729 crore via stake sale in Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) which got listed recently in 2021.


As per the latest NSE IPO news, NSE shares are trading in the range of ₹3,000 to ₹3,300 in off-market deals. With a strong quarterly result, the off-market share price of NSE could go sky-high too. The BSE has a current PE running at ₹40 but if its results are anywhere like NSE, it could get a further boost to new highs. At ₹3,300, the NSE is valued at over ₹1,63,000 crore and the BSE is currently valued at ₹9,995 crores.

Both NSE and BSE have witnessed a drastic high in business in the past few years with many having a keen interest in the equity markets. The government announcing the LIC IPO in which a special quota is reserved for its policyholders will further increase the number of Demat accounts which will be beneficial for both BSE and NSE. The BSE will be announcing a bonus and quarterly results on 8th February 2022 and is expected to report robust profits at par with NSE.

NSE IPO News: When is the issue filing draft papers?

Termed as one of the most awaited IPO’s to hit the regulatory market this year, NSE is waiting for the final verdict in the co-location or Algo trading case from the Securities and Appellate Tribunal (SAT) to file for its IPO with market regulator SEBI. Related to the NSE IPO news, SEBI will take a call on NSE IPO only after the government makes its stand clear on an extension of the term of SEBI chairman Ajay Tyagi. The decision of the government on the SEBI chairman is expected within the next few weeks. As per the sources, the current regime in SEBI is in favor of giving NSE the go-ahead for its IPO after the SAT verdict. But chances of both SEBI or NSE are expected of approaching the Supreme Court if the verdict is not in their favor.

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